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The Pivot: Orchestrating Extraordinary Business Momentum

By: Lori Michele Leavitt

Author’s Bio:  Lori Michele Leavitt is founder and President of Abrige Corp. Her leadership services are delivered through business and performance coaching, leading peer groups, and consulting for M&A due diligence and turnarounds. Abrige software, branded as Aligned Momentum, has catalyzed momentum for organizations with thousands of employees. Her remote monitoring company was the first to enable cashless water vending in Africa. Lori speaks globally, to groups from 10 to 2000 on performance momentum and culture change. She has an MBA and certifications in speaking, coaching, facilitation, management accounting and financial management. Her favorite role is as Emily’s Mom. She’s proud to be a Rotarian and is currently a member of the Rotary e-Club for World Peace. Lori loves adventure, strategy, creating, connection and deep conversation

Authors’ big thought: It is possible for any business to be vibrant and nimble; highly valued, ahead of the competition, and a great place to work. Being vibrant and nimble is also possible for any person including you, the leader. Most of us need a few concrete steps to get us moving forward. This book provides guidance and best next steps for you and your business to take from whatever position you are in today. This book is your catalyst for gaining momentum.

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“Best-selling Business Books Summarized

into The Most 

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