Lessons for Leaders

Don’t Believe Your Own “BS”!

So what did you think when you read the title? That I’m about to be very clever and expound on balance sheets? Well, maybe next time. We have all been told that conflict is good for a team. In Pat Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team he encourages teams to “mine”...

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Who You Are Anywhere is Who You Are Everywhere

Do you think you can separate your personal life persona from your work life persona? You may try to do so, but in reality you are who you are everywhere you go! Consider your values. Can you really have two sets? If you are responsible in one area of your life, if...

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The CEO of Any Enterprise Has A Tough Job

Think about it.  They make all the decisions and champion the cause all the way to success.  The CEO bears the blame for all failures.  The boss sets the priorities for everyone working at the enterprise.  All crises land on the CEO’s doorstep—most are urgent,...

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The Pivot – Slowing Down To Speed Up

How do you know when you are getting in your own way by moving too fast? Yes, it's important to gain momentum and keep kicking the ball down the field to get to the goal line. There is also something to be said for pausing, rethinking and redefining what the goal is....

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The Power of Why and the CEO

Discovery of a CEO’s “Why” or purpose is essential to motivating both him or herself and the Team. A personal and business “Why” needs to be in alignment. This ensures maximum engagement of all stakeholders. A few years ago I met with a CEO of a 75 year old company...

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Sharing Your Vision

Those with a tightly focused cause and purpose have a vision.  They don’t seek to cram it down anyone’s throat.  Instead, their passion and enthusiasm attracts others.  It soon becomes a common vision shared among many. A good example is Tony Hsieh (pronounced,...

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