Tip 1.3 The team participates in ongoing education (monthly is recommended)

If you thought that learning stopped when you graduated from high school or college, think again. Continuous learning is a critical part of personal and business life in today’s rapidly changing world. Learning is a competitive advantage and you can avoid it only if you prefer to become a dinosaur prematurely.

Jack Welch knew how to win. During his forty year career at GE, he led the company to year after year success around the globe in multiple markets, against brutal competition. Crotonville, GE’s global leadership institute, was GE’s solution to advance an evolutionary culture—a culture where learning shapes strategy and leaders are equipped and inspired to succeed now and in the future. They bring together thought leaders from around the world to create a learning environment that educates and enriches.

Clearly continuous learning worked for GE and many leaders emerged to become CEOs of other organizations like James McNerney who became CEO of 3M, and Robert Nardelli who became CEO of Home Depot.

While a training center might be a dream for your company, there is nothing stopping you from deciding what your leadership, managers and team need to learn and then sharing insights from a minimum of one book a month. In my experience many leaders (before they meet me) have only read one or two leadership books. One of my favorite teams is thirsty for learning (my filter for engaging) and take great pride in listening to Audible books at 3X speed to take it all in.

Incorporate learning into your culture – why wait?