Warning: Men won’t like this article, Stop here.

Women leaders can balance it all with the proper infrastructure and network to be successful.

Women learn quickly how to be connectors, communicators and multi-taskers. It must be in the DNA. Just think how many chores a woman had to take care of without a dishwasher, washing machine, iron, oven or BBQ. It’s hard to even think about what women used to do.

Thank goodness I wasn’t born in those days! I’d much rather juggle being an entrepreneur, raising money, hiring people, leading people and networking. Oh, and did I mention raising children?

What I have always found to be very sad is that women are so hesitant to invest in themselves. They take care of everyone around them including their employees and their families. They leave themselves for last. Men, on the other hand, invest in coaches, networking and advisors and think nothing of spending money to get ahead. How can we change that?

I am often called upon to mentor up and coming women leaders. I believe we can do it all – it just takes an infrastructure. Looking back, I wish someone would have told me that in spite of not being the mother who did the science projects or cleaned the paint brushes in school, my kids would still grow up to be functioning adults. What it takes is not work/life balance, but work/life integration.

Want to know more? Ask me, as I have a lot to say on the subject having raised four kids of my own without maternity leave!